This morning I attended a great presentation by Sandi Wolff, Communications and External Relations at San Antonio Water System.  Hosted by PT50 and Highland Homes. Below are some High Points:

1. Vista Ridge Pipeline:  142 mile pipeline extending almost to Waco.  This area has a small community with a lot of water and receives a lot of rain.  The venture will make this community some money while moving water here should we need it.

2. History of Per Capita Water use:  There has been a 40% reduction in the last 30 years even with approx. 20,000 people moving to SA a year.

3. SA has the largest desalination plant in the US located under the Carrizo  Aquifer.

4. Recycled Water is a 130 mile loop.  Largest user her is Toyota which use 1.1 million gallons a day for prepping their cars to paint.  Other great users are all our Municipal Golf Courses and USAA.

5. SAWS has a backup plan in case of emergency that could take care f over $400,000 homes for 6 months. Amazing

6. Check SAWS website for rebates for proper landscaping and drips vs. sprinklers